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MagnetoClip Magnetic Car Holder for Phone

MagnetoClip Magnetic Car Holder for Phone


The MagnetoClip Magnetic Car Phone Holder is a convenient and reliable solution for safely installing your smartphone in the car. 

This compact and stylish car holder allows you to easily and quickly place your phone in a convenient place for you without distracting yourself from driving.


  • Installation Location: Dashboard - MagnetoClip easily attaches to the top of your car's dashboard, providing excellent visibility to the road.
  • Type: Auto Holders – This holder is designed specifically for use in automobiles and provides a secure fit for your device.
  • Holder Mount Type: Clothespin - MagnetoClip is equipped with powerful magnets that hold your phone securely while on the move, ensuring stable and safe use.

Advantages of MagnetoClip:

  • Easy installation: No extra tools or bells and whistles – just attach the MagnetoClip to your car's dashboard and it's ready to use.
  • Powerful Magnets: High-power magnets keep your phone secure, even on rough roads.
  • Universal Compatibility: MagnetoClip fits most smartphones and even tablets, ensuring ease of use.
  • Stylish Design: The modern and minimalist design of MagnetoClip will complement the interior of your car.

Don't risk your safety on the road, choose the MagnetoClip Magnetic Phone Car Holder and enjoy the convenience and safety of driving.


MagnetoClip Magnetic Car Holder for Phone
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MagnetoClip Magnetic Car Holder for Phone
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MagnetoClip Magnetic Car Holder for Phone
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